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Leaving Home…

DDW Catering Cookery Courses

It happens to the best of us – fledglings are preparing to fly the nest and they can do little more than boil an egg or rip the lid off a Pot Noodle. There’s no better time to learn how to rustle up a few culinary delights.

The other students will love it and who doesn’t want their child to be popular? So no more worrying about how they are going to survive – our ‘lessons’ will give them the know-how and help them make the right impression.

The two hour sessions cost £60 per person and can include:
Cooking on the cheap – what to have in your store cupboard that can be transformed in to a feast / One pot recipes / What to do with an egg / Pasta solutions / Vegetable variations 

Please call for group rates – happy to fine tune sessions to suit individual tastes.